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Dietary Russian Roulette | Adam Riva | WIOX 93.1FM Part3

I think that's a great like that's a conversation I like to have you next time, because I believe you're going to be co-hosting with me for the next month. If you agree to it and the instant gratification you know like so, technology is way faster than our human. Like you said before we read if you read you're you're moving slower you're. Actually it's at human speed. Our technology is invented to move faster and be more efficient for all this complexity.
To organize all this data and we get confused as to keeping up with it, and you know we don't have it in us to organize it. We just aren't made that way. We'Re flesh and blood, and I believe and microbial so this instant gratification is without the cycles of renewal, like f David Pete, one of my teachers, who recently passed away, he said he was a physicist. He said that you know the cycles of life went from life, death, decay and renewal. I mean, I know, that's pretty fast, but that you know if you look at the way, a field of wildflowers, bloom and then decay and then come back and it and and it's other breeds that come back and it's you know
Nature is a beautifully designed system where every thing is interacting and has a place. It'S not supposed to be a monoculture. It'S one one, one, meat meat, meat.
Whatever it is. You know sugar or whatever I mean none of these things. Are you know it's just not a it's, not a a holistic way of understanding nature.
He also said he has a small. Had a small school in Italy called the peri new school for learning and he said, there's no such thing as Italian food. What did that mean?
Do you know what that could mean? What does that mean? Well, I'm Italian. So I grew up with Italian food yeah if you're gon na take that away from me. No, no.
He meant that, if you eat by with the land that the the part of Earth that you're living on reaps, whether whatever type of plants, whatever type of animal, whatever whatever could grow there because of the the thermodynamics with all of nature's forces, then you're eating and You'Re also eating different things during different seasons. We were able now to transport different foods to different climates. You know we could eat a mango in the winter, and so he was saying that's what he meant.
There'S no such thing as Italian food. It'S food that grows in that region at that time of year and different cycles and and and that's the way, people and animals are supposed to be eating because Nature has a plan for that. You know. Well, it's so much more. We could talk about yeah, so the Devils in the details and it was in the details.
That'S that's a good t-shirt. There'S a trade-off to everything. As you know, Lee says so. There'S there's people who you know they there's people with rational arguments to you know bring to bear against veganism there's people with less rational arguments now, as far as veganism relying upon a global trade, because if you're eating bananas and you live in New York, those bananas Came at a cost and environmental cost, you know maybe there's economic costs.
Externality is built into the system someone's not getting paid a fair wage things like that and ethical costs, and but I think that the the truest solutions that we can devise as creative beings are the most holistic approach. So when you have a chart in front of you with all the formula you're trying to devise, there's so many variables, there's so many factors, I think the one that balances the most is what we should go with now, just because it might not solve a hundred Problems - let's say it solves ninety five problems. Does that mean we should abandon it wholesale, or does that mean we should spend all of our time criticizing it? I would say that until something better comes along, let's orientate ourselves as a civilization around the truest answer.
We have at the given moment now we can work beyond that. Obviously, there's things like greenhouses and you can you know, there's this local food movement. If you want to eat locally, you certainly can feed yourself entirely locally in a plant-based way. That'S possible. I mean potatoes peppers, you know cucumbers, zucchini, squash, there's so much in your immediate area.
We live in the Catskills, where blueberries are a seasonal thing for us it what a delectable treat and so to say that. Well, just because bananas are coming from Costa Rica or something means we there's a cost there, so we can't go vegan. I would say that we really have to orientate ourselves around the best solution at hand and we can work on improving it along the way.
Mm-Hmm. That'S okay and we're going to talk more about how and and and and keep opening up the the information, because there's there's many more things, because I I mean I I'm not like. I don't want to convince people of any particular thing, but I do want to learn and I want others to learn about how nature actually works so that they're, like oh yeah, right.
That'S why we're getting sick from all that meat, because those pigs are not supposed to be being farmed like that or the cows they're supposed to be changing pastures? If you're going to eat me, they're supposed to be working as an ecosystem in a biome that they participate with all of these other diverse organisms to keep everything healthy as opposed to hoarding, there's a sense of hoarding and profit. It'S a different value system and an atom, so you're going to be back, I'm assuming in a couple of weeks, you're laughing. We hope - and I wanted to people to to look for atom read this book.
Humans are herbivores, a scientific case for veganism, and thank you so much for being on the show. Today it's been a pleasure for anyone who's interested in purchasing a copy of the book. 5 % of all proceeds benefit animal shelters and animal sanctuaries.
They can pick up their copy if they go to bit dot ly backslash humans are herbivores, so it's bit dot. Li backslash humans are herbivores and if they look up your name, though, which may be easier, all of that will appear, and so that's someone. The book is available on Amazon in paperback and ebook and if you purchase the e-book all of the source, all of the sources and references are embedded in the text with clickable hyperlinks, so I've made it super easy.
You can fact check me you. Can I love that you can follow the breadcrumbs, that's fantastic! Thank you so much Adam and next up is John riddle for yeah. He'S smiling at the window and Lisa are finally on time for Wednesday wellness hi John. How are you we'll see you in a couple of weeks.

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